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Our Solution &  Technology

SensPD develops an objective way to detect autism at a very early developmental stage, based on a physiological marker. We use Oto-Acoustic-Emission (OAE) devices, used in every hospital in the western world to screen for hearing issues. We take them to the next level with IP protected changes to measure the sensory perception system performance and thus detect autism.


Our solution is: objective, model based, non-invasive (it is like a hearing test), we believe can be measured after birth, easy and simple it only take a few minutes and cost effective.

The Need

How early in life can you detect autism?

Current diagnosis procedure is subjective, based on the observation of behaviors (listed in DSM5) manifested only around the age of 2 years. The current process is long and expensive and it dramatically limits and delays early intervention treatments. This is exactly where SensPD come into place.

Early Interventions:

It is known interventions applied as soon as possible (6-12 months), result in better than 90% success rate in ingraining skills allowing for social integration. It means that more kids with ASD would be able to attend the general education system, be able to play and communicate better with their peers and become a productive member of society. SensPD’s devise and method for early objective detection of autism has the potential to change the lives of millions around the world.

Autism Prevalence:

According to the latest CDC report, autism prevalence today is 1:59 in the US.. According to the Ministry of Health in Israel the prevalence is 1:100.

The European Union (ASDEU) reports the prevalence as between 1% and 2%.

The Burden of Autism:

The burden of autism is very high, and it has a ripple effect - it affects individuals with ASD, the families, the community the local and national Health and Education systems.

According to the CDC, the annual medical costs per person with autism are about $11,000, behavioral treatments cost between $40,000 and $60,000. Lifetime expenses may reach 2.9 million dollars.

Reports forecast that the annual cost related to autism in the U.S. by the year 2025 will be 461 billion dollars.

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