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SensPD – Early and Objective diagnosis of autism

One of the major characteristics of the autism spectrum is sensory overload.

Meaning too much information without the ability to filter it and concentrate, it is like a huge party inside their heads.

1  out of every 45 newborns this year will be diagnosed with autism when they reach the age of 3-4Y old, that means 3 million children are diagnosed with autism every year. The problem is that it is too late and based on behavior observations.

SensPD is going to change all of that!

With early intervention, before the age of 2, in 90 % of the cases we can change their life, improving social skills and independence.

SensPD is a device and cloud base technology enabling an objective, short and non-invasive sensory perception measurement that can be administered hours after birth.

Company Vision:

Become the standard diagnostic procedure for early, objective, diagnosis of autism.

Enabling all people with sensory perception issues to make sense of the world.

Screening for every newborn in all hospitals and child development clinics.

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Raffi Rembrand

Raffi Rembrand

Co-Founder & CTO, M.Sc. Chem. Eng., M.Sc. Chemical Engineering.

Raffi is an engineer with vast problem solving experience in many fields, and the father of a child with autism, who is deeply committed to better understanding autism.

Kobi Cohen

Kobi Cohen

CFO, MA Political Sciences, MBA, BA Accounting & Finance, certified accountant.

Kobi has an extensive experience in the international market, he worked for 13 Years as CFO in the Israel’s Chief Scientist Office, R&D branch, responsible for coordination with the European Union Research program (EUREKA)

Eitan Kimmel

Eitan Kimmel

Prof. Eitan Kimmel, Advisor Bio-Engineering Technion

Prof. Eitan Kimmel, Advisor Bio-Engineering Technion